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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Spring

Please forgive me for not posting for a while. You Mom's know what it is like.  I got busy with other things after the holidays and my birthday and got lazy with my blog.

The pictures are of my daughters birthday party, which we just had this past Sunday. We had it at the King Pinz Bowling Alley, which just opened recently in our area. What a fun place to have a party.  Her actuall birthday is in December, but you know how hard it is to plan a birthday party in December. Everyone is so busy with their own holiday plans and we have our annual party in early December, you remember the pictures I put up of the party. So we usually delay her party so all her friends will be able to attend.

My daughter, Lexie wanted my dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. I was so happy when one of the mom's asked me if the frosting was made of marshmallows because it was so light and fluffy! I told her that beating a long time in the mixer was the key. I beat the butter for about 3 minutes, then added the egg yolk and vanilla and beat for about 3 more minutes, then added the powdered sugar and beat for around 5 more minutes. I taste the frosting every few minutes to make sure the powdered sugar is completly incorporated. Then I fold in the melted chocolate and frost immediately.  Perfect, fluffy, yummy buttercream frosting!

I think with spring finally on the way, I will experiment with other flavors in the buttercream, and on different kinds of cakes. My family and neighbors will have to be the tasters. The things my family does for me!! I must admit that I am not good at decorating the cakes, I need help with that. Maybe I should jump on the cupcake bandwagon, they seem to be easier to decorate with the large tip in a swirl on top of the cupcake. If I could decorate every cake with the star tip I would be fine.  I tried to make flowers but all I got were blobs of frosting. I did have good luck with rolled fondant that I cut flowers with a cutter. I know so many people do cakes and only cakes so I am putting my efforts into everthing else. Pies, brownies, cookies, muffins and molded chocolates.

I also got an order this past Saturday, from one of the flyers that I put out before Halloween! I am glad someone kept one and thought to order from me!

I hope everyone is happy that winter if finally almost over and are looking forward to a beautiful spring.


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