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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter 2011

My birthday is in January.  I have always hated having my birthday so close to Christmas, plus being a twin, I always have to share it with my sister. My husband brought home these flowers, plus a very sweet card on my birthday.  He also bought a cake and some ice cream at a local grocery store.  Now, normally, store bought baked goods are not in our house, but he did not want me to have to make my own cake, so I thanked him and ate some!  It was actually pretty good!

My kids, 11, and 12 grew up thinking that all Mom's baked all the time. When we moved to this neighborhood a few years ago, some neighbor kids came over and I had just made a chocolate cake and offered some to them. One went home and said to their mom, "Mrs. Pound bakes!" "I am going to like living here!"

To everyone who has a January Birthday, Happy Birthday to you! And if your Birthday is on January 19, then I hope you had an especially happy day!

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